Monday, November 24, 2008

Why Drugs Are Sometimes Cool

For anyone not in the know, I spent the better part of the morning having my wisdom teeth extracted. And while that's about as much fun as you would expect, I have to say that so far, the while thing has been pretty positive.

First, I want to thank whoever invented deep sedation. With any luck, what you did passes as humanitrian work, the likes of which will offset any misdeeds that would otherwise have you hellbound.

Really. They hooked me up to some monitors, got an IV drip going, gave me some oxygen tubeys and then blee blah blur it was over. It turns out my friend Richard was right on point in that you barely remember being out at all (and yes, it is a creepy feeling to go from seemingly normal to having a mouth full of gauze and a lip that feels three times its normal size.

But my mom (bless her and her diligence) was there to get me (legal) drugs and take me home, and for the most part everything after that has been fine so far. Granted, most of the rest of the day involved me sleeping and my mom doing some minor cleaning around my house (really, there's no stopping her), and I don't know where the slight twinge in my jaw that seems to be bulding up will eventually end up, but I'm trying to remain positive. If nothing else, I'm already 200 percent more lucid than I thought that I would be.

... unless I'm not, in which case I will enjoy reading this in a few days and trying to figure out why type "monkey bubble" 400 times in a row...

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