Monday, December 15, 2008

Music Lives! Music Lives!

(And by 'music', I mean HeroClix... maybe... sort of.)

For the uninformed and uncaring, a brief recap. Many will remember the events of November 10th, where beloved comic book minitatures game HeroClix ceased all operations, leaving me very not happy with the state of my gaming world. Much has gone on in the past few weeks. Several former WizKids employees banded together to create a new company, Pinata Games, with the express purpose of acquiring the up for grabs rights to HeroClix. They even made a website dedicated to saving HeroClix entitled, oddly enough, Save Heroclix (and I'm sure it was har dto come up with the web address, too).

Flash forward to today, where the afforementioned website made this post referencing this announcement. Again for the link-hopping impaired and/or lazy:

Two companies that were making a play to acquire HeroClix from Topps in the wake of its WizKids shutdown (see “Topps Shuts Down WizKids”) have joined forces. Catalyst Games, which announced that it had made a bid for all of the WizKids properties (see “Catalyst Bids on WizKids Properties”) and Pinata Games, formed for the purpose of acquiring HeroClix (see “Interview with Pinata’s Jake Theis”), have formed a strategic alliance, contingent on Catalyst’s successful acquisition of the WizKids properties.

So basically, Catalyst (which by the sounds of it was in a much better position to make a bid for the property rights) has teamed up with Pinata (which by the sounds of it is in a much better position to handle the game property) and created a win/win situation. Assuming, of course, that they actually make a successful bid. But the good news here is that there are definitely people at work trying to keep the game up and running. So that should count for something.

And now, because I can, I will show you a promotional piece that someone somewhere dug up when what would be the next HeroClix set, Hammer of Thor, was first being promoted. And while I can't verify that 100 percent of the poster is technically accurate, I can verify that it most certainly should have been, as it no doubt would have sold many a case of 'Clix.

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