Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good News For HeroClix Fans?

Could the epic game of miniature comic book combat be on its way to a revival?'s Jake Theiss (also part of the producton staff of Pinata Games) made an announcement on their website on March 10th. Part of said announcement follows here:

1) We (Pinata) have reached a deal in principle with the new game company formed to purchase HeroClix. We're on-board and once their deal with Topps closes, we'll be back working fulltime on HeroClix. Whew!

The new company will staff up to support the transitioning brands, and Pinata will be one component of the new company's operations. We'll still be based out of Seattle, and we'll spend the vast majority of our time planning for and relaunching HeroClix.

2) Hammer of Thor will be the first product release post-relaunch. We're working with several vendors now to see how fast we can get it to market (without sacrificing any quality).

So basically, while a new company will have the rights to HeroClix, Pinata appears to have a deal with them in place to work on the property. And on top of that, the Hammer of Thor set is still slated to come out at some point. Later posts have asked site members what they might want from a starter set, so at the very least ideas for future sets are still being discussed/bounced around.

I'm usually the first to say I'll believe something when I read it definitively, but seeing as just a few weeks ago they couldn't say anything regarding any deals, this at least sounds like a positive sign. Even another set or two woul dbe a welcome addition to my army of tiny warriors.

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