Monday, April 20, 2009

Screnzy: Day 20 Update

Good news all around on the Screnzy front. For starters: my page count is unofficially at 71 pages. That puts me ahead of pace for the first time since Script Frenzy started. Woo!

And for individual project updates: the first draft of the script for episode one of FraK is now complete. Woo! And no, you can't read it. Not now, anyway. It's a bit rougher of a draft than I intended, and there are about four or five things that I have to go in and fix before it makes complete sense, not to mention actually polishing a few minor items on top of that. That, of course, will need to wait until I finish another script. Or at the very least until I reach my page goal for the month.

And yes, I am still working on Hardcore. I plan for the big metal hero to get some solid attention during the last week of of the event (where hopefully, I'll just be padding my victory total).

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