Monday, December 19, 2011

A Very Odd Lot Christmas...

I remember last year around this time.  I was just barely getting my feet wet with the Odd Lot Comedy Troupe. I wouldn't describe myself as a nervous wreck, but I was still "the new guy" in the group.  Well, one of the new guys, anyway.  I wouldn't say that I lacked confidence, but I definitely was less sure of myself as a performer then.  Still, the gang was always more than supportive and even accepting of me.  And I think that because of that, I was able to relax more and over time, become a better asset to the group in general.

Christmas is a special holiday for the troupe for several reasons.  For one, the holiday represents a marker of sorts for the group.  One of the original performances of the group proper was an improv rendition of A Christmas Carol.  We recreated the self same tale (more or less) for last year's holiday show.  I still have fond memories of the occasion.  Me as Ma Cratchet.  Gabe as my disturbing, substance addicted daughter.  The unsettling, rather itchy wigs that glued the whole thing together.  Eventually, we both died.

Good times.  Good times.

For another thing, the show forgoes the  standard format of a regular show and includes as many members of the group as possible.  Something really special always happens when all of us are together.  Seriously, I think something mystical might actually happen when more than six of us are near the stage at one time.  Some rogue demon of mirth and/or merriment may well appear, sending forth flames of joy and gnashing bones in the spirit of comedy in its truest form.

Happy Holidays.

This year, we are forgoing the official retelling for a more traditional holiday special.  Well, maybe "traditional" isn't the right word for it.  It's hard for us to do anything that's truly traditional.  But the theme of holiday cheer and frivolity will still ring true.  There's guest stars, there's music, and there's bound to some huge laughs along the way.  I daresay that within the first five minutes of the show, you'll be more than reminded just how diversely funny and talented a group of people the Odd Lot are.  To say more would be to give surprises away, and that's best served for the time that they are set... to... surprise you.  Yeah, that makes sense.

And I wouldn't be surprised to see that old familiar Christmas tale rear its head at some point.  I don't think we'll be able to help ourselves.  But we'll see.

And if you bring an unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots, you can get in for free.  You give a gift to someone else, and receive laughter.  It's the third greatest gift (shame on you if you don't get that reference).

The Odd Lot Comedy Troupe presents its final performance of the year: The Odd Lot Christmas Special.  Monday, December 19th (that's tonight) at 8PM at Muse Arts Warehouse.  Admission is a $5 suggested donation or a gift donation to Toys for Tots

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